Sunday, 10 April 2016

Car Rental In Singapore

Are you plannin for holiday or a vacation visit to Singapore, and may be you are wondering about the means of transportation within Singapore city and environs. You should not worry yourself so much since Singapore like any other nations have car rentals. You might feel a little bit nervous since you are in a different world where everything is new. From new towns, places, new traffic rules, new food stuffs, new shopping places, new road designs , new recreation places to a new people speaking in different language. This normally create some kind of eagerness and unrest as you plan your international trip to Singapore. It all begins at the airport which is essentially your first destination in Singapore since you need to travel to the place of your choice. Therefore you should be updated on where to find car rental companies, the cost and variety of services offered by the car rental companies.

The easiest way is to search from their websites and get the factual and precise information so that you experience and enjoy your stay in Singapore. However, as you think of the car rentals ,it is good idea to be familiar with the traffic rules in Singapore. Don’t find yourself being prosecuted due to contravening of the traffic rules .These includes; driving cars on left hand side of the road, it is illegal to turn left at vicinity of traffic and more so on the onset of red light indication, speed limits 60km/h on residential streets while a speed limit of 70km/h on other roads and the talking on your mobile phone is prohibited. Observe these fundamental rules and enjoy safe and legal driving on Singapore roads.

You should be aware that the government of Singapore has stipulated high prices on vehicles purchasing by the public. This means car ownership is not an easy task. This a measure taken to combat the road congestion under the known Vehicle Quote System(VQS) and the expensive 10 year Certificate of Entitlement(COE) ,especially in the case of new cars. Therefore if you are planning to settling for longer time in Singapore it is cheaper to hire a car as opposed to purchasing.

The prices of car rental varies with the duration, the type of cars and the different services accorded to it. The different car rental companies offer different competitive rates and services for car rentals. Here some of the estimated charges for different model ;Toyota Wish 1.8 L cost $100,Mazda 3.16L cost $70,Honda Civic VT1 1.6 L cost $70,Mtubishi Lancer 1.6 L cost $70,Mid sized Sedan cost $70, Toyota Altis 1.6 L cost $ 65 and Toyota Vios 1.5 L cost $ 70.These are just but a few of their car models and the charges on daily basis. However, there are weekly and even monthly package charges as well. Hence you need to choose what best suits you in terms of cost and prestige during your travel within Singapore.


Car rental companies in Singapore aim at providing the most convenient and low cost services .Their skilled and experienced sales and operation staff foster the companies goals and they offer daily, weekly and even monthly long car rental services. These companies have adopted online car rental services which aims at ensuring that customers requests are handle in an efficient manner thus realizing customer satisfaction.