Monday, 17 April 2017

8 Key Car Rental Tips That will Save You Money

If you are planning to rent out wheels for your next trip, you must try the best you can to get the best deals out of it. You don’t just walk in and pick a car just because it looks nice. To avoid pitfalls associated with the rental cars, a lot of factors should be considered for you to get a nice deal. Getting value for money is the main thing that you should concentrate on. Here are some of the main car rental tips that you should consider:

• Research Widely
The worst thing that you can do to yourself is walking into a car rental yard without knowing what car you want to hire and how much it will cost you. If you fail to get the right information, you will give the renter an opportunity to manipulate and exploit you. You need to do a lot of research, particularly on the car that you want. You also need to know the amount of money different renters are charging. This way, you will be well informed thus making it easy to get a good deal. Without prior information, you will definitely be exploited mostly by paying higher charges than normal. Make sure that you have sampled different companies before settling on one.

• Book Early
Another big mistake that many people make is walking into the car rental yard on the day they need a car. This might not work well for you. One thing that is important to note is many people rely on car rentals rather than buying their own. You are not the only one who the services of these cars. Also, the best machines are taken by those who come first. Once you have searched for the car of choice, it is important to book it early. This will ensure that the company does not rent out the car on the day that you have booked. Although you may be needed to pay a down payment, you will have the car reserved for you.

• Rent on Weekends
If you renting out the car for a trip, the best time for doing it would be the weekend. After people have been on jobs the whole week, most of the car users would prefer resting over the weekend. This keeps the demand for the rental cars lower low. At this point, the renters will be willing to charge a lower amount to attract customers. This is what makes the weekends the best times to go for a car hire. The rates are typically cheaper and thus it will cost you less for the same services. So if you have the flexibility to reschedule your trip and car rental arrangement, opt for weekend travel.

• Insurance
One of the most important things that you should be concerned about in car rental is the insurance. The car must be insured no matter what. You must also be very careful with the type of insurance cover that the car has. Does it cover you as well? If you are traveling with friends or family, you need to know if they are covered in case of anything. It will be unfortunate if an accident occurs and you are left to shoulder the damage just because the insurer does not take responsibility. The best insurance a good car should have is the comprehensive cover. With this type of insurance cover, you can rest assured that you and anything that the car may damage is covered.

• Fuel Policy
Each company has its own fuel policy but mostly they offer the customer with two choices: you can either prepay for a full tank of gas and return the car back empty or you refuel the car to a full tank before returning. Both have their advantages and disadvantages but it is advisable to take the second options. Going for the full tank in advance may look like a great idea, but what if you don’t finish the fuel? It will be a loss to you. For the second option, it might cause some inconveniences but it’s the best thing economically. You will only pay for what you have used.

• Avoid Airport Pick
If you are planning to rent the car in new place, do not get tempted to hire the car at the airport. It will be prudent to deal with renters operating from the outside of the airport. Airport pickups are more expensive due to the taxes and other fees charges by the authorities. The cost might even be double of what you can get from the outside. It is true that airport pickups are convenient but if you are operating a small budget, then it would be a waste of resources. It will be wise if you can move outside the airport and the services will a little bit cheaper.

• Join Club’s Membership
Most of the larger car rental companies offer club membership to the customers. In most cases, the membership is open to all after some assessment. Once you are a member, you will be getting the service at a discounted fees. The best thing about most of the club is that discounts keep on increasing your loyalty to the company increases. The more year remains as their customer, the more discounts you are offered. This is great a great way of saving money particularly if you rent the cars frequently. It is, therefore, important to hire the services from a company offering club membership if you don’t have one.

• Negotiate
Like in most of the brokerage firms, car renters are not any different. The first price is never the true one. It is also important to note that charges are never flat and they depend on the choice of the car. If you have good bargaining skills, you should negotiate for the best prices. This is why it is important to do some research first and get to know how much the company charges. You can get this info from the customers that have already used their services and mostly the same make of a car. Bargain for the best deal to ensure that you have gotten value for money.

These are the main car rental tips that will help you save you a lot of money on your travel. Do not make a mistake of blindly hiring a car without considering the mentioned tips. Each tip is crucial and should be considered independently for maximum benefits.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Will There Be Surcharge For Renting Cars During CNY Period?

Car Rental companies have been around for some years now. It is good business because many people need transportation. Sometimes, the situation inhibits them from bringing their cars. Sometimes, financial constraints make it easier to rent a car than buy one.

Renting cars are still subject to numerous conditions that vary from one brand to another. First of all, the car should be returned in excellent condition and should not surpass the maximum driven distance. Otherwise, additional fees will be incurred.

The rental rate depends on a lot of factors. First is the car itself. Depending on the model and brand of the car, the price may vary. If the vehicle has the latest technological features like GPS maps, it could cost more. Cheaper rates will be for small cars with just the basic amenities. The rental rate also depends on the duration the car will be leased. If the customer hires a driver, it can cost him more. Some opt to drive the cars themselves.

In some cases, there is the option to upgrade the vehicle you rent to a better model or newer brand. It works both for the customer and the company. The client benefits by being able to drive a better car, while the company still profits at the same time.

When you want to rent a car, you can try first by going online. Make an online reservation through one of the main rent-a-car companies. It is the easiest and the cheapest way. Just about each rent-a-car company's website offer internet discounts of up to 10 percent as well as upgrades and various special offers.

Reservations online are being encouraged by most companies, and this is the primary reason for cheaper rates they offer. This is because online reservations are cost saving for most businesses, and proves to be an efficient means at the same time. There is no need to print out application forms for customers, and it makes the job easier for employees.

At the same time, online reservation is also convenient for the clients. It saves them the hassle of actually going to the rent-a-car offices. Online reservations are after all made in real time also. And confirmations are made easy through emails or phone calls.

There are also some discounts offered for those renting a car for longer periods of time, say two weeks or a month. It will also be good to learn how to haggle for prices, and make your offers. Some companies are amenable to agreements. Just be sure always to have the agreements put in writing for formality.

Renting Cars During CNY Period : Get A Car Affordably

There are situations where images of getting a new car can be a bit scary or quite confounding. With the economic system these days, bills and money issues are taken very seriously. This is one of the reasons why people are now considering cars for rent instead of purchasing new ones which can often cost more.

Several reasons have been shared involving the desire of individuals just to rent cars rather than spend a fortune on new vehicles. People who have come to a conclusion to just rent cars can refer below for some ideas to save some cash when renting cars:

Hunt for the best deals - Once you decide to rent a car, check for party grades and special discounts. For those who are looking for rental cars through the web, keep an eye for spaces to enter discount codes or promotional numbers. These are positive signs that the company may be having discounted specials.

Look into smaller autos - Try renting little compact cars if you do not need the bigger ones. Small cars allow you to save more, which is the reason why most people who rent cars go for these. For those who still favor bigger cars, it would be best to get the cars that would be ideal for your lifestyle.

Time is essential - Most companies do not care whether you rent your car on time or not. However, they are often sticklers for a time when you are supposed to return it, so be on time. Some rental companies charge a full day rental when the vehicle is not taken back on time, so you have to be careful.

Browse for other alternatives - It may seem too good to be faithful to find a company with exceedingly low rates. It probably is! Try locating trusted businesses that offer choice service and logical prices. These are firms that have catchpenny rates and no other tariffs.

Obtaining a car for rent may be one of the best cost-cutting choices a lot of people have gone for. Individuals who are in a particular place for a short time can surely gain the use of temporary transportation since there is no hassle keeping the car in perfect shape.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Car Rental In Singapore

Are you plannin for holiday or a vacation visit to Singapore, and may be you are wondering about the means of transportation within Singapore city and environs. You should not worry yourself so much since Singapore like any other nations have car rentals. You might feel a little bit nervous since you are in a different world where everything is new. From new towns, places, new traffic rules, new food stuffs, new shopping places, new road designs , new recreation places to a new people speaking in different language. This normally create some kind of eagerness and unrest as you plan your international trip to Singapore. It all begins at the airport which is essentially your first destination in Singapore since you need to travel to the place of your choice. Therefore you should be updated on where to find car rental companies, the cost and variety of services offered by the car rental companies.

The easiest way is to search from their websites and get the factual and precise information so that you experience and enjoy your stay in Singapore. However, as you think of the car rentals ,it is good idea to be familiar with the traffic rules in Singapore. Don’t find yourself being prosecuted due to contravening of the traffic rules .These includes; driving cars on left hand side of the road, it is illegal to turn left at vicinity of traffic and more so on the onset of red light indication, speed limits 60km/h on residential streets while a speed limit of 70km/h on other roads and the talking on your mobile phone is prohibited. Observe these fundamental rules and enjoy safe and legal driving on Singapore roads.

You should be aware that the government of Singapore has stipulated high prices on vehicles purchasing by the public. This means car ownership is not an easy task. This a measure taken to combat the road congestion under the known Vehicle Quote System(VQS) and the expensive 10 year Certificate of Entitlement(COE) ,especially in the case of new cars. Therefore if you are planning to settling for longer time in Singapore it is cheaper to hire a car as opposed to purchasing.

The prices of car rental varies with the duration, the type of cars and the different services accorded to it. The different car rental companies offer different competitive rates and services for car rentals. Here some of the estimated charges for different model ;Toyota Wish 1.8 L cost $100,Mazda 3.16L cost $70,Honda Civic VT1 1.6 L cost $70,Mtubishi Lancer 1.6 L cost $70,Mid sized Sedan cost $70, Toyota Altis 1.6 L cost $ 65 and Toyota Vios 1.5 L cost $ 70.These are just but a few of their car models and the charges on daily basis. However, there are weekly and even monthly package charges as well. Hence you need to choose what best suits you in terms of cost and prestige during your travel within Singapore.


Car rental companies in Singapore aim at providing the most convenient and low cost services .Their skilled and experienced sales and operation staff foster the companies goals and they offer daily, weekly and even monthly long car rental services. These companies have adopted online car rental services which aims at ensuring that customers requests are handle in an efficient manner thus realizing customer satisfaction.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Renting Cars in Singapore

For many years, the process of renting cars in Singapore has been very complex especially for those visitors who do not have the needed tips. This has made them to make mistakes leading to loss of money especially from the unprofessional car owners who often want to take advantage of the visitors by exploiting money from them. The following are the 7 Mistakes To Avoid When Renting Cars in Singapore; 

1. Never pay full money before reaching your destination
Whenever you are renting a car in Singapore always ensure that you do not pay the full amount of money before reaching your destination. This is because there are some dealers who may take advantage of your inexperience to exploit money from you especially on false routes. This will always enable you get to destination faster to get their pay. How do you do it? You should only pay them a percentage of the money on promise to clear when you reach your destination. This will always secure you from these dealers. 

2. Never forget to negotiate before deciding to use the car
You should never forget to negotiate for the pay prior to renting the cars. Some of people have witnessed the dealers hiking the prices on realization that you do not know the prices. This will help you confirm the amount of money that you will pay at the end of the day to the dealers you is renting their cars in Singapore. In addition, you can also find ways to negotiate for better prices especially if you want to rent car for longer duration. 

3. Always Use agents to get reputable car owners
We all know that differentiating between reputable and fake dealers who rent cars in Singapore can always be difficult. Never forget to use the agents to get to know reputable car dealers who not only provide you better services but also enjoy your ride when you are visiting Singapore. 

4. Don’t forget to test whether the car works well
You have to test the car given to ensure that it is perfect. Many people have been tricked in the past with road unworthy cars that ultimately made them have accidents due to mechanical failure. You have to ensure that the car does not have any kind of mechanical problem before renting it. This will not only save your money but also enable you enjoy your ride when travelling across Singapore. In addition, this will also save you money you could have used to repair the car when you are in your journey.

5. Always go for fixed price as opposed to hourly price
For the last couple of years, many guests have been complaining that hourly rates are more expensive when compared to fixed rates for those people who rents car in Singapore. This means that you should always choose the fixed rates if you want to save money. This means that you should always avoid those dealers who only rent their cars on hourly basis. Ultimately, you will use less money on fixed rates when compared to those people who used hourly which appear cheap at first but expensive in the long run.

6. Don’t forget to check whether the car is registered 
Never do mistake of not checking whether the car you are renting is registered or not. Many people in the past have been arrested of using unregistered cars that made them face high charges. This means that you have to ensure that the car you are renting is fully registered in Singapore if you want to avoid arrest when driving across Singapore. Moreover, you will also avoid the charges that come with fines when arrested for driving unregistered car in Singapore. 

7. Don’t forget to compare the prices before making a choice
You should always do your research on the prices on the car renting in Singapore before making your decision on the specifications that you need. This will not only enable you get the best deals in the market but also ensure that you are using the best cars that are available in the Singapore market. 
In conclusion, the above 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Renting Cars in Singapore will definitely assist you make the best choice whenever you are touring this great Country of Singapore. 

Monday, 21 December 2015

Is It Legal To Rent Out Your Car In Singapore?

Singapore is one of main Asian countries rich in tourism investments for both leisure and professional purposes. To that accord the country is flooding with constant traveling individuals who will continually look into acquiring car rentals that help them conduct their local travels in Singapore more easily than when they have to try and find a cab company that will offer them these services as frequently as they require them and at an affordable pricing rate. Therefore, leasing or to rent out a car varies with the time duration for the clients stay and errands will determine which main contract they will sign up for. There are many car rental and leasing companies that are highly equipped with different types of cars to provide for travel services.

Private cars legality of renting and leasing in Singapore

If you have been wondering how to make an extra passive income with your privately owned car it is best to first know where your category of business lies in the Singapore law. Legally it is only legal for a private car owner to rent out their private cars if the private car owners has undertaken a private car insurance coverage categorized for this purpose of renting the vehicle and it should only be placed up for rent in the private car rental scheme. If a private car is rented or leased from a rental and lease car company both the company the car owner are held liable.

Drivers/ car renter consequences of renting out a private car from rental companies

There are also high consequences to the drivers/ renters who decide to utilize the services of renting/ leasing a private car placed to provide these services from a rental/ lease Car Company. The types of legal penalties severed in this case include:

1. Risk of receiving a driving ban for a maximum of twelve months and this impact your driving record negatively.

2. You can be charged with one thousand American dollar fine by the judicial court system in which your case will be heard while in Singapore.

3. Depending on the ruling you can also be confined to imprisonment for a maximum of three months which would still be placed on your official identification record.

4. You would have to undergo unlimited liability claims especially if the private car you were using was not insured in terms of the insurance coverage provided for private rental cars.

This system is highly required in order to keep the car rental industry at balance in their trade as car theft is one of the most common crimes in the world and the car insurance policy for private cars under provision of rental services to clients’ in Singapore, helps to keep track of all viable owners of the car and eradicate the trade of leasing cars which have been stolen for this purpose in the quest of making an extra profit. The insurance policy for the privately owned rental cars is far much different from the company owned rental cars and is required in order to ensure that each privately owned car is not placed in poor condition in order to have the renting client charged with a hefty fee of recovery once it breaks down while using it. Therefore, it is important to first get the proper insurance coverage for renting out your private car in Singapore and do not place your car to be rented in a rental company but rather have registered under the private car rental scheme program which was started for this main purpose.

Privately owned cars in Singapore that are placed under the rental and leasing program also have a strict time schedule as to when they are allowed to have their cars rented and these time schedules include; from 7 pm on Fridays to 7 am on Monday and even on public holidays clients can rent the private cars from 7 pm on the eve of the public holiday day to 7 am the first following of work day after the holiday. If this time is surpassed and one is caught the driver/ renter is liable to answer to the law of Singapore.

Tips in reducing rental car expenses in Singapore

The following tips are useful in reducing the rental car expenses in Singapore:

1. Tyre pressure checking.
2. Sparingly use the Aircon system in the vehicle.
3. Sudden acceleration and braking should be avoided.
4. Plan your route before starting your journey.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Where Can I Lease Out My Car In Singapore?

Your car can be a great asset for you and your families, especially if you know how to do so. There are some important things that you can do, so you can get additional income from your car. Some people are planning to lease out car because they want to earn some income from their cars. You should be able to find get a lot of benefits by renting out your car. There are some companies or brokers that are ready to help you find some potential customers. Rent Out Car can be a great company that you should visit today. Here are some benefits that are offered by this company.

1. This company has large customer databases

This is the first reason why you have to choose the Rent Out Car today. This company has large customer databases. It means that you can promote your car to these potential customers easily. You don't have to spend your time for finding some potential customers who want to rent your car. Many people want to visit the official site of this company. It is very simple to rent a car from this company. Because of this simple procedure, many potential customers are interested with this car rental company.

2. Easy rental procedure

This is another benefit that you can get from this company. This car rental company has simple and easy rental procedure. This easy procedure is specially created to help all customers rent your car easily. There is no complicated procedure that you have to do when you want to lease out car quickly. Many people are happy with this company because of this reason. This feature is very useful for both car owners and the potential customers. You can finish all rental procedures very quickly. It means that you can find some potential customers for renting out your car quickly.

3. Low commission fee

There are a lot of car rental companies in Singapore. However, not all of them can provide low commission fee for all customers. Rent Out Car Singapore has low commission fee for promoting your car to some potential renters. You don't have to reduce your income significantly when your car is rented by some potential customers. This is another benefit that you can get from this company. It means that you can increase your income significantly when you rent out your car to your potential customers.

4. It can help you find the right insurance for protecting your car

This is another feature that is offered by this company. This company always wants to give the best service for all car owners. If you want to lease out car through this company, you should be able to get this benefit. Rent Out Car Singapore can help you find the best insurance for protecting your car. The insurance premium can be paid by the renters or customers. You can maintain the quality of your car when your car is rented by your customer. This insurance plan is very useful to protect your car from any damages that are caused by the driver or renter.

5. There are many happy clients

When you are looking for the best place to rent out your car, you should take a look at this company. There are many people who are using high quality services from this company. You can depend on the service quality of this car rental company. You can read a lot of good reviews about this car rental service today. Car owners and customers are happy with the service from this company. This is another reason why you have to choose the Rent Out Car Singapore as your favorite car rental company. You can advertise your car in this place easily.

They are some benefits that you can achieve from Rent Out Car Singapore. You can get a lot of information about this company from this website. You can also contact this company today when you want to learn about the car rental procedures. This company has some customer service agents. They are ready to help all clients or customers solve their problems immediately. You can rent out your car easily when you use high quality service from this company. You can get additional income significantly when you lease out your car to some potential customers in Singapore.